Sunday 25 February 2018

Gyrocopters at Dargaville 24-2-2018

The Dargaville Aero Club had invited gyrocopter pilots to their open day flyin with an offer of a free lunch.  I don't know if that was solely the reason but 10 gyros were on the field, plus one more on a light truck.  Here are most of them:

Magni M 24 Orion ZK-MWR that I understand has recently been purchased by a Northland owner.

Magni agent Leo Levine flew his M 22 Voyager ZK-MGN up from Parakai.

Tony Unwin and Noel Smith flew up from Tauranga - Tony in his tandem Niki Rotor Aviation Kalathea ZK-KTH

 and Noel in his side by side AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-OHF. 

Rusty Russell flying the Dargaville Aero Club's AutoGyro MTO Sport ZK-RDM was kept very busy giving trial flights.

Brian Taylor's North American Rotorworks Pitbull SS ZK-RUN is based at Dargaville.

as is Mark Biddle's Tandem Dominator ZK-RCE2.

 Tony Marsden's Tandem Dominator ZK-RCV was across from Whangarei.

On the back of a light truck and up from Warkworth was Harvey Carran's recently acquired single seat Dominator ZK-RCH2.

A couple of other gyrocopters were on the field:  Rusty Russell's AutoGyro MT03 Eagle ZK-KIW2 and John Wiessing's Magni M 24 Orion ZK-MGI.

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