Friday 2 February 2018

L3 Airline Academy at Hamilton 25-1-2018

While I was at Hamilton I strolled down to the C3 facility and aircraft parking area.  It sure was busy!  Here are a few photos taken over the security fence.  C3 operate three types being the Diamond DA 20, Diamond DA 42 and Cessna 172.  L3 Airline Academy was formerly CTC Aviation which operated out of the same facilities at Hamilton, and both are international training organisations.

Diamond DA 20-C1s ZK-SFJ...

ZK-SFI with 4 other DA 20s in the lineup....

ZK-CSI3 is a slightly later model with a rear window.


and ZK-SFB2.

Diamond DA 42s ZK-CTK3 and ZK-CTN2.
Cessna 172S ZK-CTT3.

Cessna 172R ZK-RQY.

Cessna 172S ZK-CAA2.

I was told that their fleet numbered 48 aircraft and 3 Cessna 172s had just been added, making the total 51.  I think these 3 new Cessna 172s are ZK-CAA2, ZK-RQY and ZK-RQZ.

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  1. ZK-OEM has also been flying with them. CAA is the latest.