Friday 9 February 2018

Pietenpol Aircamper ZK-ALG at Wanaka

Steve Bunting has sent in a photo of Greg Doran's recently completed Pietenpol Aircamper ZK-ALG2 (c/n 061791 AG) at Wanaka today 9/2/18.

ZK-ALG2 was first registered on 6/10/17 and is the sixth Aircamper to be registered here.  I have posted about the others HERE (and since I did the post in 2013 another Aircamper has been registered ZK-ABY2, which can be seen HERE ).  Both ZK-ALG2 and ZK-ABY2 are powered by Rotec radial engines.  Thanks very much for the photo Steve, and also thanks to MRC.

The first ZK-ALG was a Waco UIC that ditched into Whangarei Harbour in September 1957, and I just happened to have a photo of it from Steve Gwilliam.

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  1. You don't often see photos of the Waco ZK-ALG while it was carrying the NDAC badge.