Thursday 1 February 2018

Hamilton is Twinstar Country

There were quite a few Diamond DA 42 Twinstars at Hamilton when I visited on 5/1/18, ranging across three operators.

ZK-CTO2 (c/n 42.219) is one of eight DA 42s operated by L3 CTS Airline Academy (NZ) Ltd of Hamilton.

ZK-WGA (c/n 42.199) is operated by Waikato Aviation Ltd which is the training arm of the Waikato Aero Club.
ZK-DUM (c/n 42.182) is registered to the Middle Earth Flying School Ltd of Waharoa but the tail bears the logo New Zealand Aviation.  The first allocation of ZK-DUM (allocated in 1974) was not taken up as maybe peoples feelings were more sensitive back then.

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