Sunday 20 August 2017


 The Brantly B-2B ZK-INK (c/n 417) was captured by Grayson Ottaway recently at Tauranga.
Above and below in flying mode on 11-08-2017.
 In the two lower shots it was in ground transport mode with its outer rotor blade sections stored in the box on the trailer deck.
 For more details on the rotor blades -  drill your way down through this article :- Here
ZK-INK had an airworthiness date in the States as N2256U. 
It later became N16PL and then N191DL. 
Last known operator was Don Lewellen Construction Co Inc of Gladstone, Missouri.
It US registration was cancelled on 14-03-2005 and it became ZK-INK on 17-06-2005 with Gumboot Airways Ltd of Auckland. 
Ownership moved to IGE Ltd of Wellington on 21-12-2016.

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