Wednesday 30 August 2017

Question time # 198

Connoisseurs of chocolate fish may wish to identify this aircraft type.
The type and possible registration would be nice.

Also if you can tell me what type of engine this is would be most helpful - because I do not know !

And for whats it's worth  - On the back of this photo, written in pencil, is 'Timaru 1936'.


  1. Looks like an Aeraine Swift, only one in NZ so it must be ZK-LAJ.

  2. According to your blog the engine is an 18HP Bailey 175.

  3. Evening Ross.
    Spot on there - As I would expect from you.
    I will drop the chocky fish off on the 8th or 9th of Sept.

  4. Yo there Brett.
    I had forgotten that I had posted that.
    If Ross hadn't beaten you by three hours I would have given you the fish.