Tuesday 15 August 2017

Cessna 182R ZK-NPC at North Shore 13-8-2017

Also out in the sun at North Shore on Sunday was the locally owned Cessna 182R Skylane II ZK-NPC.  I assume it is based at North Shore but I have never seen it around there and it does not appear to have been posted on the blog before.

So herewith a short history:

The aircraft (c/n 18268096) was built as N9894H in November 1981 and was operated by Transai Inc of Vacaville, CA from March 1982 to September 1984.  It was shipped to Australia in 1985 but was not registered there.  It was then flown across the Tasman via Norfolk Island arriving here on 30/5/85 and made it to New Plymouth where the above photo was taken on 4/6/85.

It was registered ti the New Plymouth Aero Club as ZK-NPC on 10/6/85 as photo'd above on 24/6/85.

It took part in the Singapore to Christchurch air race in March 1987 wearing the race number 21.  It is photo'd above at the finish of the air race in Christchurch on 27/3/87.  Does anyone know how it did?

It is photo'd again at Christchurch on 17/11/92.  It was sold to Network Aviation Ltd of Auckland on 10/10/01 then to Alpine Air Services Ltd of Lawrence on 28/2/02.

Photo'd yet again at Christchurch wearing Alpine titles, on 8/6/02.

Finally it was sold to Arohena Aviation Services Ltd of Auckland on 8/10/02, with whom it is still registered 15 years later.  It is photo'd above at North Shore on 13/8/17 where it can be seen that it hasn't changed much over all those years.

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