Saturday 12 August 2017

Classic Fighters 2017 - the Fokker Scourge

Classic Fighters has become famous in recent years by putting up ever increasing numbers of Fokker Dr 1 Triplanes culminating in eight of them at the 2016 airshow.  In 2017 only the seven TVAL replica machines were serviceable and they were joined by the TVAL Fokker D VII replica.

All of the Triplanes are in authentic Jasta 11 colour schemes from April 1918, with red cowlings, wheels and struts with their leader in all red.

Twenty Three wings!

John Lanham flying ZK-FOK, painted as the Red Baron, Rittmiester Manfred von Richthofen's machine 425/17.

Bevan Dewes flying ZK-JOC, painted as the Ltn Werner Steinhauser machine 564/17.

Greg MacDonald flying ZK-FOC, painted as the Ltn Hans Weiss machine 545/17.

Andrew Vincent flying ZK-JOK, painted as the Ltn Richard Wenzel machine 588/17.

John Bargh flying ZK-JOB, painted as the Ltn Eberhardt Mohnicke machine 155/17.

Dave Horrell flying ZK-FOT, painted as the Obltn Lothar Richthofen machine 454/17.

and Paul Hughan flying ZK-JOG, in the colours of an unknown Jasta 11 pilot.

followed by Scott McKenzie in Fokker D VII replica ZK-FOD painted as 7871/18.


  1. Just a point of pedantry: The "Fokker Scourge" involved Eindeckers, none of which is in the photo.

  2. Point taken Frank. TVAL are building an Eindecker but I don't think we will ever see them in such numbers as the Triplanes.