Monday 20 February 2017


Cessna 180K c/n 53022 was built as N2641K and became VH-SAA3 on 02-07-1979.
On 30-04-1998 it was re-registered as VH-IMC5 and then on 09-10-2007 it was registered to W R Mailer of Riddells Creek, Victoria and using his initials became VH-WRM4.
It was ferried from Scone to Lord Howe Island on 15-01-2017 and then on to Kerikeri on the 16th.
It was spied crossing down to the Mainland on the 17th bound for Timaru.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 02-02-2017.
 I caught up with it outside the AVTEK facility at Timaru on February 6th (above) still in full VH markings and carrying the Narromine Aero Club patch on its fin.
It was allocated the ZK-DBAregistration on 08-02-2017 for Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd of Methven.
 I caught up with it again on the 16th and it was still on the same tie downs but now minus its propeller.
 Later the same day it was maneuvered into the AVTEK hangar and work began on removing its Australian civil markings.
 Then below - I caught at lunch time on the 17th with the VH markings partially removed.


  1. You could have included the rest of BYI in on one those pics Dave ! Nice planes them both.

  2. Oh yes - I am saving the best for last.