Friday 10 February 2017

Savannah at Ashburton SAA Fly In last weekend.

Following on from the earlier post on ZK-MYN at NZAS (seen here ) Westwind Aviation Ltd set up a display centered around this demonstrator and a partially constructed fuselage.
The Company demonstrator ICP Savannah S ZK-MYN (c/n 14-11-54-0359) was first registered to Philip Seale on 19-01-2016.
Tony Den Haan had his recently completed Savannah S example ZK-BIC2 (c/n 14-11-54-0359) on site for the Saturday.
The South Eyre Trust also fronted up on the Saturday with their XL model ZK-CVK2 (c/n 10-7-51-916).
Michael Glen was also on the field with his XL example ZK-MHG (c/n 09-02-51-809).
And the demo partially assembled rear fuselage was for all to see.

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