Wednesday 8 February 2017

Jodel D 9 ZK-KMM at Taumarunui 5-2-2017

Let me do a little skiting.  Sunday 5/2/17 was an amazing day for flying at Taumarunui and a perfect day for me to fly my Jodel D 9 ZK-KMM for the first time - 33 years after it had first flown!

First thing, open up the hangar.

Previous owner Howard Bradley has re-named Jodie as Honey Bebe.

Howard helping me strap in for my first flight.

Good to go!

 Taxying for take off on Runway 19.

And airborne!  
What a feeling as we rose above the hills to a magnificent vista of the mountains!

ZK-KMM (AACA 283) has now flown 935 hours which must put it among the higher hour original VW powered AACA Amatuer Built Aircraft.  It is now registered as a Class 1 microlight and is still pretty original.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along with this adventure.


  1. Gotta love Jodels. Thanks for the lovely post, that's brought a smile to a drab day.

  2. That looks like4 Bruce Black handing over the headseat

  3. You got a little way to go to catch ZK-TOY... 2500 hours..... well done

  4. Well done Keith.
    All good things take time!

  5. Fantastic achievement building that craft and now at last flying it! Chuffed for you Keith. Nothing better than flying in a light aircraft. I hope you have many more exhilarating hour aloft!

  6. Great story! And I enjoyed meeting you today at Waihi Beach - do call in again if you're passing!