Tuesday 21 February 2017

Tidco Powerchute ZK-FET at Waihi Beach

I was pleased to see the hangar at Waihi Beach airstrip open as we drove by on 10/2/17.  It had always been locked up when I had called by previously.  Dave Evans kindly stopped his mowing of the strip and showed me what was inside.  And there was an unassuming piece of kit in the corner that I might have otherwise overlooked but it turned out to be the Tidco Powerchute ZK-FET.

ZK-FET (c/n GONDOLA TID 01) flies under a parachute and I would love to see how it gets into the air.  Dave told me that the owner flies it quite regularly at dawn, before any wind gets up.

I cannot find out anything about this craft - can anyone provide any further details?


  1. Registered to Colchester Engineering Ltd., Matamata as ZK-FET on 17/09/1985. c/n of Gondola TI 001, Wing TI 002.
    WFU 22/03/1994.
    Restored to M T Carter, Onewhero 13/08/1999 as ZK-FET/2

  2. The original rego was ZK-FLT/1