Sunday, 30 November 2014

Southern Miscellany #3

Four pics from Wanaka.
Above is the Cessna 180H ZK-DBX (c/n 18051872) still listed with Dairy Air Ltd of Wellington.
I believe however that it has just been sold and was noted northbound into Tekapo on the 28th.

Beech 18S N43927 (c/n A26) was mentioned previously at:-
This was converted to Ten Two status by Conrad in 1965.
Gilles Kupfer has taken over the old Southair hangar at Wanaka.
 and has several projects under way, including a full scale FW190D with many metal parts already on hand and the woodwork at Ardmore. In the background is the wing for an 80% scale P51 Mustang - with the fuselage well under way in another work area.
Pic below is of his 3/4 scale Jurca F MJ-8 (FW190) ZK-YKZ (c/n 05).
Also under way is a "first of type" for NZ  which is currently being built in Spain.
Below we see aircraft preservation proceeding at a very slow pace !
Poor old NZ6468.

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