Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Jim's Polar Rodent.

It is meant to be Summer - but one of Jim Hickey's Polar Rodents is just rolling in.
(About noon yesterday 11-11-2014).
 A stop over at me olde mates Biplane Adventures on the Pukaki Airfield found the Grumman AgCat ZK-CAT firmly attached to it ground towing vehicle and pointed into the healthy breeze.
A previous purring about the RedCat can be found at :-
The only aerial activity noted today (apart from the numerous ridge and wave soaring Larus dominicanus) were two RNZAF AirStrainers drifting across the sky towards Queenstown.
Above is "Blue Bus" (aka "La Vida") at the junction of the Tekapo Canals. A fresh dusting of snow on the hills behind. The fish were not biting but the wind was.

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