Saturday, 29 November 2014

Croydon Aircraft Company Restorations at Mandeville - Fox Moth ZK-AQB

The most advanced restoration at Colin Smith's aircraft restoration facility was DH 83C Fox Moth ZK-AQB, which has been under restoration for John Eaton of Auckland for many years.  As can be seen in the photo, it is getting near to being completed.

ZK-AQB (c/n FM 49) is a Canadian built example which arrived in  New Zealand aboard the MV Australind on 13/10/47 and was first registered to the Auckland Aero Club on 25/11/47.  It was sold to the Tauranga Aero Club on 17/12/55 and then to J Paterson of Tauranga on 17/12/55.  Finally it went to Bill Paterson of Motiti Island on 1/1/61 and he used it to carry varied loads (including a piano it is reported!) to and from the island until it force landed in the sea after an engine failure on 28/6/72.  You can read an interesting descrption of the accident including an account from the passenger at the time by Googling "ASN Aircraft Incident 62328".

David Lilico of Paptoetoe acquired the wreck on 26/10/72 and ownership transferred to Myles Robertson of Takapuna on 15/10/76 (Myles Robertson carried out restoration work with several Fox Moths but that is another story).  It was finally acquired by Colin Smith as a restoration project which has led to today's progress.  The registration ZK-AQB was cancelled on 20/5/91 but as can be seen above, it is a candidiate for re-registration in the near future.


  1. AQB flew this week at Mandeville

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