Sunday, 30 November 2014

Future Flyers at Custom Aviation Ltd, Taieri

Craig Miller was very helpful and gave me full access to his hangar for photos.  It was a pretty busy place!  The following aircraft will no doubt see wind under their wings in the near future.

7/8th scale Nieuport 11 replica with a Rotax engine.

RANS S 6ES which had a landing accident at Cromwell on 15/2/14 as a tri-gear aircraft, will return to the skies as a taildragger.

This is our first RANS S 20 coming together.  The S 20 is the successor to the S 6 as a side by side 2 seater with the wings and tail from the S 7.

And finally RANS S 7 N312W was having its cabin perspex renewed prior to CAA inpection and New Zealand registration in December.

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