Friday 28 November 2014

Southern miscellany #1

Here we have half a dozen photos taken during the last couple of weeks whilst touring in the South.
At Ashburton on 18-11-2014 the spare DC-3 wings stored in the hangar were removed outside.
 I believe these are for sale.
 Over at Queenstown on 20-11-2014 was the Boeing C40C Clipper 05-0730 of the USAF. This is/was 737-7DM c/n 34807 and ex N1786B, N1779B and N365BJ.
 At Wanaka we caught the as yet unregistered Hornet (I believe it is to be ZK-CCM2).
Its fuselage was on display at the last Wanaka Air Show.
Two Cessna 172s were noted at Wanaka on 23-11-2014 undergoing SID inspection. I expect only one will survive.
Above is 172F ZK-CHO (c/n 17251967) which was with the Wakatipu Aero Club when it was badly damaged on 15-01-2011 when ZK-FKS was blown onto it during a storm. Its registration was cancelled on 12-09-2011.
Below is the 172D ZK-CFD (c/n 17250279) which is still current with SAB Avionics Ltd of Wanaka.
 Below at Queenstown on the 20th was what I assume is another SID victim.
Cessna 172M ZK-TJG (c/n 17261920) was last registered to t G Pilot Services but its registration was cancelled on 15-04-2014. This one began its NZ career as ZK-DMH in 1973.

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