Wednesday 13 April 2011

Recent and yet to take place activity on the NZ Register

The register has been rather active for this time of the year with recently imported Strikemaster MK88 VH-RBA becoming ZK-STR and the more exotic (for some) Flug Werk FW190 A8/N D-FWWC become ZK-RFR both on 11 April.

Cropping up on the register the next day registered to Avspecs is Curtiss P40C ZK-TWK as it nears rebuild at Ardmore and nears a first flight before participating at the Omaka Airshow.  Unfortunately this aircraft will not remain ZK for long as it is destined for a North American owner.

Ardmore 13 April 2011, Colin Hunter photo
Cessna 172S ZK-ZAQ/2 has yet to be registered and it arrived at Ardmore as VH-IMZ on 25 March.

Ardmore 08 April 2011, Mike Condon photo

Another recent import is Cessna 180J N185R, a registration certain to confuse the type.  The US FAA website tells us it is a 1976 model with a serial number of 180-52757 and a sale has been reported to a Palmerston North address.  It was noted at Ardmore 13 April.

Ardmore 13 April 2011, Colin Hunter photo
Another US registered aircraft was also at Ardmore 13 April, this time in the shape of Cirrus SR22 N102NZ.  This smartly painted machine, finished in a scheme similar to was hangered therefore no picture and it arrived from Pago Pago and Auckland the previous evening just on sunset.  It is expected to become ZK-FMN.
Jetconnect retired Boeing 737-400 ZK-JTR from service on 24 March when it arrived at Auckland from Brisbane as QF115.  It was noted devoid of most markings 13 April and was rumoured to be destined for Indonesia.....

Auckland 13 April 2011, Mike Condon photo


  1. With the big dorsal fin and extra window - it looks like a 185 to me


  2. it's quite sad to see this happening. As a former very frequent QF domestic flyer (before they left NZ dom) it's a little odd and a tad sad to see these old birds gradually leave the fleet as I have so many memories of flying on them.