Monday 4 April 2011

Nelson Ag changes

 The Fletcher FU24-550GT Crusader ZK-DDX , c/n 160 , arrived at Nelson via delivery pilot Glen Claridge from Oamaru on 31-03-2011. After checking out the local Wanganui Aero Work pilot James Ormond on the aircraft he ferried Cresco ZK-LTV , c/n 015, back to Wanganui. From there he picked up Cresco ZK-LTS (recently off a long term rebuild) and flew it back to Oamaru. The Walter turbine engine for ZK-EML (parked up at Nelson) is on its was back from Prague, so EML should be flying again about May. [Top photo at Nelson on 01-04-2011 by Sibbie]
 [Photo of ZK-LTV at Nelson on 16-02-2011 by Dave Paull]
 [Photo of enginless and horizontal tailless ZK-EML at Nelson on 16-02-2011 by Dave Paull]
Just for interest sake I have included a shot of the Manufacturers plate of ZK-DDX. So it is just over 40 years young.
Thanks to Sibbie for the Nelson update.

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