Sunday 3 April 2011

Lunch stop at Rangiora 01-04-2011

 Aero Designs Inc Pulsar XP ZK-KDP , c/n 294 , was constructed in Durban, South Africa by Keith Palmer. Rotax powered and with a GSC inflight adjustable propeller and a well equiped panel and a sliding canopy.  Above we have a view of it in a car park in Durban prior to painting.
It has been in Rangiora for some time now and has had extensive work done on it. Above is a more recent view of it taken on 22-10-2010 at Rangiora still showing its ZU marks.
It officially became ZK-MIV on 13-01-2011 to Savco Ltd. Seen above on Friday 01-04-2011.

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