Sunday 10 April 2011

Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-EMC

I have had an enquiry from one of our viewers about the status of the Fletcher FU24 ZK-EMC.
 Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-EMC , c/n 254 , was registered to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton on 02-06-1978 for delivery to Rangitikei Air services Ltd of Taihape. It was involved in a fatal bystander incident at Taihape on 27-01-1980 when they walked into the propeller.
Photo above shows it at Stratford on 20-11-1984 wearing the name "Timahunga" on the engine cowling.
It was painted in Wanganui Aero Work colours sometime in 1985 and was traded into Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd at Hamilton on 04-04-2000, I believe towards a Cresco. Pic below show it at Hamilton on 20-03-2000.
Astro Air Ltd of Havelock North took it on from 29-11-2000; seen below at Hastings on 13-04-2002. It was damaged in a forced landing following an engine failure at Paupunga on 10-06-2007 and cancelled from the register on 19-10-2007.
Our enquiring viewer would like to know where it is now and if it is likely to be rebuilt in the near future ?

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  1. was too damaged to rebuild and it force landed due to prop failure.Remains of fuse and center section still at frogleys strip in Hawkes Bay