Thursday, 28 April 2011

Panther on the Prowl

Piper PA31 ZK-LTD has been a NZ resident since 1993 and has spent most of its life at Hamilton.  It has been with Avia Air Charter ( since June 2007 and underwent a Panther conversion ( a couple of years ago which included a repaint, which has since been changed to the current livery, and a modernised interior including leather seats.

It can often be seen around NZ provincial airports providing engineering transportation for Eagle Air hauling engineers and parts and today it was dispatched to Hokitika with support for Beech 1900D ZK-EAB which was unservicable.

I don't believe there are any other Panther conversions in NZ currently but going back to the late '80s a then Australian resident, N7XB owned by Boyd Munro who won the Singapore-Christchurch airrace in his example was a regular visitor to our shores.

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