Tuesday 19 April 2011

Birth Notice.

 Subject: Birth notice
On Saturday 16th to the Gore Aero Club at 3:45pm a healthy baby arrived weighing in at 1200 pounds MAUW, 30 ft 4 inches wide, 20 ft 9 inches long and 6 foot high.
The yellow and black stripped youngster named ZK-COJ2 very quietly slipped into the circuit to show itself off. The suppliers and assembler are proud of what they have produced, though the pilot did have a problem, as his grin extended right around to the back of his neck.

The baby has a few hours to fly off so that it can prove itself as worthy as its stable mate Cessna 172N ZK-WHY.

COJ wishes to make a good impression on all and will make itself available to those who wish to make a closer inspection.
Ratings are available for those who indulge in GA and microlight licenses to those who wish to "slip the surly bonds of Earth and dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings".

Thanks to :-
 Ray Bremner - Otago Aero Club.
John Ibbotson - Gore Aero Club.
Craig Miller of Custom Aircraft for top pic.


  1. Is it's name a secret,or when is the Christening?

  2. Thanks for the co-operation .
    I googled it, and found---
    Model: S-6ES Coyote II
    Serial: 06101933--
    Hope this doesnt let out any secrets!


  3. Hi there Bobgod.

    Sorry - I misinterpreted your question in your first comment and was leaving it to the "Club" to come back with its name !

    I did not notice those vital details were missing in the post.

    No secret.

    All good now !