Monday, 21 March 2011

Pereira GP-4 ZK-JPE.

The G Pereira GP-4 ZK-JPE , c/n 396 , is reported to have crashed into the sea off Orewa Beach yesterday afternoon (20-03-2011) with the loss of the Pilot.
This aircraft was the project of Picton resident John Evans. It first flew from Omaka on 13-02-2004. It was sold to the Logan Family trust of Auckland on 27-11-2010.
The photo above was taken at Ashburton on 04-02-2007.

Below is the mention this aircraft received in the NZ Aviation News Magazine at the time of its registration in December 2003.

The fourth design by George Pereira is naturally enough designated the GP-4. John Evan’s of Picton is nearing the completion of this high performance, low wing, basically all wood two seater. Built entirely from the plans, using a materials only kit from Wick’s Aircraft Supply. Construction began in November 1999. The retractable, tricycle undercarriage uses an electro-hydraulic system. Engine of choice is the Subaru SVX six cylinder 3.3 litre obtained from a damaged vehicle. All excess weight and components have been removed from this engine with it driving through a Sub4 reduction gearbox. It has dual electrical systems including two alternators and batteries working through a Link ElectroSystems engine management system. Total weight of thispowerplant (minus exhaust and fluids comes to 395 pounds, about 100 more than a Lycoming IO-360 set up. It is fitted with an electrically operated, MT four bladed propeller. Instruments include a Blue Mountain Avionics Efis/One, which incorporates all the flight and engine instrumentation in one unit, including GPS, Altitude encoder, G meter, data recorder and autopilot. (check out After three years and over 5000 man hours the aircraft has come together at Omaka. It has taken up John’s initials for its registration of ZK-JPE. A very detailed series of articles on the building of this aircraft has been running in the Sport Aircraft Association NZ magazine.

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  1. What a sad loss the Periera GP 4 is. I photo'd it only 3 weeks ago at the North Shore Open Day and posted it on this blog, and I had appreciated it flying around our area of the North Shore, most recently on Saturday morning. It had the most amazing engine sound - I thought it sounded like a warbird. My condolences to Jeff Logan's family.