Monday, 14 March 2011

Second Oldest Microlight at RAANZ Flyin, Masterton

One thing that I noticed at the RAANZ flyin at Masterton was that there were no older type microlights there, not even any Bantams.

I think the oldest type of microlight there was this Viper Aircraft Falcon XP ZK-JGL which was first registered in New Zealand on 15/2/96. (Later it turned out to be the second oldest microlight there). It is owned by A J McCracken of Upper Hutt and is the only one of its type still registered. I think there may have been other Falcon XP's on the register, and also some single seat Falcon UL's.


  1. The only other NZ Falcon XP that I can track is ZK-JHB.
    Registered to T G McIlroy, Christchurch14/11/1996, cancelled as Withdrawn 3/10/2000.
    Did this one ever fly?

  2. Yes, it was noticeable that there weren't many 'traditional' microlights at Masterton. There was the Kolb Twinstar, though... I'd have thought that was older than the Falcon? I was going to fly the Manawatu Microlight Club's Drifter there, but the throttle cable had broken :(

  3. frankv - You are correct that the Twinstar is older. I will correct the error in another microlight post