Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Micro Aviation B22J Bantam ZK-LCR

Micro Aviation B22J Bantam ZK-LCR , c/n 00-0186 photographed here at Ashburton on 13-03-2011 has been owned by David Soal since 21-08-2008.
It started life as ZK-JMJ with Max Clear on 19-10-2000 but was re-registerted as ZK-LCR for Lloyd Charles Renwick of Auckland on 02-07-2001. It went to Richard Kennard of Auckland on 12-07-2004 and moved to Ashburton replacing David's earlier Bantam B22 ZK-FPQ , c/n 0067 , which he had sold to Hugh Keeble of Waikari on 06-08-2008. This is a late 1987 model
Photo of ZK-LCR above by Bargeld01.
Pic below of ZK-FPQ at Rangiora on 05-50-2010 by Dave Paull.


  1. Oh, please no.....

    Hope we're not going to have a month's worth of microlight related posting?

    Keep it interesting please!

  2. Well then Narduzzi.

    I could just say that maybe you are on the wrong blog then !

    But we do try to get a reasonable coverage , mostly on the lighter stuff.
    When one of us goes to an event,then that is generally what is put up on the blog for some days.
    Last weekend was the microlight gathering at Masterton, so microlights is it until something else pops up.
    Not long ago we had the Cessna 180/185 gathering so you got 180/185s until they came out of our ears.

    There are other blogs that cater for heavy jets etc.

    Another option off course - is for you to come aboard as an Author. I can arrange that easy enough if you desire !

    SO what is your particular interest ?