Sunday 27 March 2011

A couple of new ones.

 This Jodel D.18 has been in the making for some time. A project started by Bevin Chamberlain at Rangiora about nine years ago. It was sold to Graeme Main about eighteen months ago and progress has shot ahead since then. It underwent its CAA inspection a couple of days ago - and after a couple of small matters are sorted ZK-JVG will soon be having its first flight. It is Rotax 912 powered to a three bladed Woodcomp adjustable propeller.
Returning to the register shortly is this Ultralight Aviation Thruster ZK-FHK , c/n MAANZ/229 .
First listed on 21-12-1983; it had an incident at Woodbury and was cancelled on 16-11-2007.
Both seen at Rangiora on 25-03-2011.

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