Monday 19 February 2024

Vans RV 3 ZK-PMH Active Again

Another of the late Michael Wilkins' aircraft collection at Matamata is now active again and is photo'd at the Vans RV flyin hosted by the Turangi Aero Club yesterday:

RV 3 ZK-PMH was our first RV 3 and was built by Phil Higgins of Rotorua back in the 1980s.  It has only been referred to once previously on the blog (see HERE ).  Ownership transferred to Michael Wilkins in July 2003 but I don't know if it ever flew with him.  After Michael Wilkins' passing ownership transferred to J R Main of Hamilton on 27/7/22.


  1. Looked like a good fly-in yesterday, was planning on going but fell ill at the last moment. Oh well, hope everyone had fun!

  2. Too bad Jordan If you were there you could have got a photo of the aircraft parked beside ZK-PMH.