Sunday 25 February 2024

Air New Zealand Airbus A 320 NEO ZK-NHE

We have covered most of Air New Zealand's recent Airbus A 320 and 321 NEO aircraft but one we have missed is ZK-NHE:

ZK-NHE (c/n 10569) was registered in October 2021.  From what I saw it mainly flies trans Tasman from Christchurch so bad form from our spotters down there!  Thanks for the photo Tim.

And there is another that we have not covered, being the Airbus A 321 NEO ZK-OYD.  I think there is a story here - can anyone in the know fill us in?


  1. None of the A321 NEO Domestic fleet have flown for a while now.
    I think that OYD was delivered from the factory and flown straight to Christchurch , where she is parked. All the 4 domestic versions are shown as parked as per Planespotters , OYA and OYB in Auckland , OYC and OYD in Christchurch.

  2. Engine issues for those that have Pratt and Whitney. So only those that that are -271N. All of the domestic A321neos of Air NZ are without engines and are on the international ones. Be same for when ZK-OYE arrives soon, straight into storage.