Thursday 22 February 2024


 Aerospatiale - Alenia (Avions de Transport Regional) ATR72-212A  c/n 624 was listed as F-WWEW followed by F-WQKI to Aerospatiale and then registered as ZK-MCF2 to Mount Cook Airlines Ltd of Christchurch on 30-11-1999. 
It first flew on 02-12-1999 and was ferried into Christchurch via Darwin and Brisbane on 20-12-1999. 
It became part of Air New Zealand Ltd from 10-12-2019.
Its last revenue flight was from Rotorua to Christchurch on 04-02-2020.
Its registration was finally cancelled on 08-03-2023.
ZK-MCJ pictured above at Christchurch on 27-09-2005 in its Air New Zealand Link scheme.
Under the cockpit it carries "Operated by Mount Cook Airlines Ltd".

At Christchurch on 09-12-2006.

Above. On finals into Christchurch in its ANZ Link scheme on 20-07-2014.
Below. Finals into Christchurch in its Air New Zealand scheme on 15-01-2015.

ZK-MCJ parked up in storage mode at Christchurch on 24-12-2020 minus some vital parts.

By 14-10-2022 it was minus its tailplane and all markings except its registration letters.

Noted on 03-03-2023 awaiting transport to its new home at Tauranga.

Aviation historian Peter Layne at Classic Flyers Aviation Museum has provided the following details. 

You may be aware that ATR72 ZK-MCJ has been undergoing maintenance at Tauranga Airport by Classic Flyers volunteer engineers, preparing it for use by JNP Aviation Training Ltd as a training aid. 

The main work undertaken by the volunteers was to the tail section which, when spread out on the hangar floor, took up an appreciable amount of room. The rudder was blended to the rest of the tail fin as one fixed unit so now it does not have a steerable rudder. 

On 8 February 2024 the wings and tail sections were reinstated, giving it back some of its dignity but not all, as it has had the letters ZF applied to the nose wheel doors, which seems a strange thing to do given Air New Zealand currently operate ZK-MZF.

Peter has provided two photographs as below, taken on 08-02-2024.
Showing the wings being reattached and the single piece fin/rudder.
Plus the "ZF" on the nosewheel door.

 JNP provides extensive training on ground based activities and it will be interesting to see how it develops when completed

More info on JNP Aviation can be found  HERE.

There is also an article by Cory Tyler of Classic Flyers covering the re-assembly of ZK-MCJ at Tauranga published by Key Aero   HERE

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