Saturday 21 October 2023

An Exotic Homebuilt at Wanaka Today 21-10-2023

I called in briefly to Wanaka airport this afternoon.  It was very quiet with no movements and only various GA aircraft parked out that have all been posted on the blog previously.

But then I had a look through the rear windows of the large hangar on the corner of Spitfire Lane and saw the newly restored Jurca MJ 8 (3/4 scale Focke Wulf replica) ZK-ZZW parked in a photo friendly position:

ZK-ZZW (c/n 5) was registered to Avserv Ltd of Mt Maunganui on 14/6/23, and I understand that it has recently flown again.

This is of course the same aircraft that was imported by Gilles Kupfer and registered to him as ZK-YKZ in 2009.  It has sat dormant at Wanaka for a long time and its registration was revoked on 13/5/16.  There is a link to its previous life HERE

It will be great to see it flying!

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