Monday 23 October 2023

Aero Day Over the Bay at Whitianga 22-10-2023

Yesterday the Mercury Bay Aero Club put on a free airshow over Mercury Bay to celebrate their 75th Anniversary.  There were great vantage points from the Whitianga beaches and large crowds turned out to watch in the fine weather.  Here are a few photos from David Signal who flew there in his Aeroprakt A 22LS Foxbat ZK-SGI:

A nice tight Yak 52 formation.

Some of the crowds on the beaches.

A selection of visiting and local aircraft.

Pete Walton's Airdrome Aeroplanes full size Fokker Dr 1 Triplane replica ZK-CCO2.

And coming along nicely is Gavin Magill's Airdrome Aeroplanes full sized Sopwith Camel replica.

Thanks for the photos David.

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  1. Was a great day indeed, can check out some more of the photos from the open day on my blog!