Friday, 27 May 2022

You really should be here.

 Looking down on the gathering at Omaka late this afternoon.
The occasion is the 70th anniversary of the Cessna 180.
By my count there are 76 Cessna 180 and 185's in this line  up.
The front row are all Cessna 180's.

A couple more arrived after this photo was taken and I suspect some more arrivals tomorrow.
Thanks to Advanced  Group for this image.


  1. That sure is pretty amazing!

  2. Looking at the current NZ CAA register details, I counted 74 Cessna 180s and 24 Cessna 185s so a 77+% turn out rate is pretty good by any account. Quite possibly, some are not actually airworthy right now for whatever reason.

  3. Actually Peter, you missed the 44 Cessna A185s for a total of 141, but I think that there were a few more there today so maybe 63% were at Omaka. Still very impressive though.

  4. From what i've seen (As of Saturday night) there were 40 C180s (54% of C180s) and 39 C185s (57% of C185s) for a total of 79 (56% of C180/5s). Happy to be corrected on this though.

  5. Quite right Sir Minty, I did indeed miss those 44 Cessna A185s. Oops.