Saturday, 31 August 2019

Te Kowhai

I called in a couple of times to Te Kowhai on my way South and North.  It is always a welcoming coffee stop, and I met up with Peter Lourie who is the Airfield Manager there.  He kindly opened a couple of hangar doors for me to photograph a few local microlights.

This Jabiru powered Bantam B 22J (c/n 06-302) ZK-ZZZ2 is about as far as you can go in the New Zealand civil aircraft register. and has not been posted on the blog previously.  I found it sleeping in the hangar that is now used for social events.  It is owned by NZTE Operations Ltd who I think are the operators of Te Kowhai.

While over in the Waikato Microlight Club hangar, their Rand Kar Xair ZK-JCK2 (c/n 751) was parked at the front.

And at the back was the Quad City Challenger II ZK-MHK (c/n CH2-0291B-0644/MAANZ/467) (!)  It is registered to an Opunake address so it is far from home.  It has not been featured on the blog previously.

Rather jammed in was the locally owned Foxcon Terrier 200 ZK-SOD(off).  I post this photo because it shows off the brown aspect of its colour scheme instead of the blue colour I have posted previously (See ).

And finally, parked outside on Thursday was the Jabiru SP ZK-JJR.  It is registered to a Paraparaumu owner but I understand that it may have been bought by a new owner.

In the background you can see the historic James Aviation DC 3 topdresser ex ZK-AZL, that now has steps up to the open door so you can walk inside.

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