Friday, 2 August 2019

Family Cruiser ZK-BZL

The Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser was a product of the late 1940's. A development of the PA-12 with a wider fuselage and four seats.
This airframe is c/n 14-132 out of a total of 238 of this model.
We pick it up in South Africa where it was listed as ZS-BZL in 1999.
Interestingly it was offered as a raffle prize in July of 2006.
After an incident at Nelspruit in May of 2015 it was rebuilt to better than new status.
These two shots show it as ZS-BZL after its rebuild and prior to export to NZ.
Purchased by Mark Stagg of Argus Helicopters is was shipped to Motueka and registered as ZK-BZL2 on 09-07-2018.
It first flew from Motueka on 07-09-2019.
ZK-BZL2 as seen on take off from Nelson yesterday (01-089-2019) by Peter Campbell.

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