Monday 30 November 2015


The Zenair CH100 Mono-Z ZK-FSH (c/n AACA/609) was first registered on 16-02-1989 to Neville F Read and J A Nagelkerke of Christchurch.
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It was withdrawn to storage and cancelled on 07-05-1999.
Above we see ZK-FSH at Rangiora on 19-02-1993.
And at Ashburton on 07-02-1997.
And a close up of the "FiSH".

The airframe was purchased by "Rangiora Tug" a group of five worthy gentlemen from Rangiora Airfield who intend to restore this aircraft as an economical and affordable glider tug to spur the interest in flying and gliding within the younger generation.
As you can see it now carries the "DME" markings although it is not yet registered as such.
Pic above shows it on 26-05-2015 at RT awaiting its Honda Jazz turbo engine.

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  1. Today, I have seen this aircraft after so many years and looking forward to see this flying again but this time it will fly with an other purpose than educational but as a glider tow plane....