Monday 9 November 2015

Black Sands - Saturday the 7th # 2

Four more from Black Sands at Raglan on Saturday from Magnaman.
The Murray Belfield Maule M-5-235C ZK-JDT (c/n 7054C) made it over from Tokoroa.
Not often seen, this 1976 model Lunar Rocket went to Australia in 1990 and snuck into Murchison for Ashley Todd as ZK-JDT from 08-07-1993. It was rebuilt at Nelson following an incident at Murchison and was sold to Murray Belfield from 29-11-1994.
Micro Bantam B22S ZK-JNL (c/n 01-0191) is from the Meybo Syndicate from the Hamilton area.
As you can see from the C/n it was built in 2001 for Jon Jonson of Hamilton before being syndicated under the JNL Syndicate name of Cambridge. Next in line was Dawson Dobs of Gisborne from March of 09 and then to the Meybo Syndicate from 12-2013.
ZK-KFC is the Pulsar XP (c/n 403) from the Waihi Aviation
Below - an earlier note on KFC.
Our first tri-gear Pulsar was XP model ZK-KFC (c/n 403) which was built by the Waihi Aviation Group of Waihi Beach (led by Cliff McChesney), and was first registered on 17/4/97.  It is powered by a 80 HP Rotax 912 engine.  It is still owned by the Waihi Aviation Group and is very active around sport aviation fly-ins in the upper North Island often flown by Cliff McChesney.
From Whitianga was the Wallace Pendray  Ultravia Pelican Club GS ZK-MAL (c/n 524).
Some of its earlier history can be seen at :-

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