Thursday 12 November 2015

Southern Misc.

 Noted at Oamaru Racecourse on Sunday the 8th was this Heliventure NZ Ltd MD NOTAR ZK-IES (c/n LN046).
This began its NZ career as ZK-IDZ on 01-05-2015.
Check an earlier post on this registration.
Also check the link within this post.
It was listed with Heliventure NZ on 15-05-2015 and was re-registered by them to ZK-IES from 04-06-2015.
This was a fund raising occasion for the local kindergarten and kids were getting rides around the race course in various vehicles - trucks, fire engine, police car etc for a small fee.
 Over the hill at Pukaki on 11-11-2015 was the familiar nose section of NZ3548/ZK-AWO but now in an all olive drab colour scheme.
Watch this space for some new nose art !
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 Down at Omarama on 11-11-2015 where the usual gliders. On the tie downs was the Theo Newfield Cessna 150/150 ZK-CZZ (c/n 1500447) - a regular at Omarama.
A few earlier words on CZZ tucked away in this link :-
Trying not to be noticed was the Cessna 172H Superhawk ZK-FCW (c/n 17254983) still listed with Plains Investments Ltd..
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