Monday 9 November 2015

Black Sands - Saturday the 7th. # 1

Magnaman spent Saturday  the 7th at the Raglan Black Sands Fly-in,
Follows is a selection of his photographs.
Acrosport 2 ZK-CAW2 (c/n SP1447)
Below is an extract from an earlier post:-
 Our third Acrosport 2 (to date) is Neville and Les Worsley's ZK-CAW (c/n SP 1447) which was first registered on 8/2/08. 
This project was started by Bill Harris of Napier but was completed by Neville and Les at Rotorua. It has a Continental O-320 motor with dual electronic ignition. 
The registration is from an agricultural DC 3 that Nev used to fly for Feildair.
 Above is the Zlin Savage Cub ZK-DAG2 (c/n 306) from the ZK-DAG Syndicate.
Check the earlier posting here :-
 Above we see Gavin Brown's Monnett Sonerai I UL ZK-EEV2 (c/n 00261).
Below is an extract from the NZ Aviation News Magazine at the time of its registration on 23-04-2015.
Back on 22-06-1997 two Formula V aircraft collided over Grabeski Airport on Long Island New York. One of these was Chris Kalishek’s Monnett Sonerai named “Sunbeam”. Chris survived but with serious injuries and during his recovery he began to build another Sonerai I, single seat aircraft incorporating modifications learned from his fateful ‘Sunbeam” racer.  Next thing was that Chris became redundant and found out that the FAA would not renew his medical. So this is why the aircraft has zero flight time when sold. The Sonerai had been registered as N20VW back on 23-06-2004 and was referred to as “Bio-Dread” which comes from Captain Power and the Soldiers of Fortune and “instils intense fear in humans”. I don’t believe it was painted as such. It was advertised for sale and was purchased by Neville Cameron of Coromandel and imported in 2013 and then on sold to Gavin Brown at Te Awamutu and has become ZK-EEV2. It has a Great Plains VW 1915 engine and real round instruments.
The Jodel D.11 ZK-EJN (c/n AACA/291) caught in landing Mode.  
This was built by Dave Crimp of Tadmor and registered on 31-05-1977. It was the first D.11 in NZ featuring a spring steel undercarriage. 
It was transferred to G J Crimp of Blenheim on 18-10-1983, and to its current owner John Currie of Ngongotaha since 20-09-1989.

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  1. Thanks guys ,the pic.s from Raglan are great.
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