Saturday 17 October 2015

Rangiora open day # 4

 "The Mother Ship"
ZK-LSB. The one that started all this 701 STOL carry on that is happening out of Rangiora.
 And the other ship ! The Aero Gare Sea Hawk ZK-SEA (c/n AACA/175) ownership changed to Kevin Mills of Matakana on 21-08-2015 but shows no signs of wanting to depart from Rangiora.
Built by Bruce Fraser and Ces and Pam Collings and hit the register on 13-03-1987.
It was transferred to Martin O'Neil on 09-02-2001.
The recently registered Zenair CH750 STOL ZK-VKG (c/n 75-8871) was listed to Deane Philip on 06-10-2015. The registration comes from the type of engine used - a Viking 110 which is basically a 1.5 litre Honda block with Viking add ons.
Previously listed in the States as N5970H.
It will soon be ready for delivery to its Wanganui owner.

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