Monday 26 October 2015

Magnaman comes South # 2

Over at the Transport and Toy Museum on the 23rd we see:-
 The Antonov AN2 LY-AKH (c/n 1G16037) which still sits just inside one of the hangar doors surrounded by other Museum items.
 A reasonably recent addition to the Museum collection is this Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP1 (c/n 500-842-90). This aircraft of 1960 vintage was withdrawn from use and eventually its registration was revoked on 03-07-2002. 
It then went to the Air New Zealand Engineering Training Services facility at Christchurch International Airport. 
ZK-CWP was declared surplus when ANZETS moved to their new building recently.
 SE5A Replica ZK-SET1  (c/n AACA/266) has been mentioned before in these pages.
It is parked beside the ex ANZ Fokker F27-120A Friendship ZK-BXH (c/n 10190) which is also ex ANZETS.
The Bill Notman and Dave Whitaker Mignet HM14 Pou du Ciel ZM-AAC first flew at Alma near Oamaru on 15-03-1936. 
It was damaged i 1937 but fortunately it was stored until arriving at Wanaka.

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  1. LY-AKH as far as I know: Antonov PZL-Mielec An-2T c/n 1G160-37 built in 1975 to Estonian Air Force. In 19?? registered LY-AKH. Kind regards, Johnny Comstedt