Tuesday 27 October 2015

Question time # 181 resolved.

Question time # 181 has been resolved by Allan.

The crest is worn on the Minicab ZK-DMM.

ZK-DMM (c/n AACA/180) was built by G L Hall of Auckland and first flew on 07-08-1975 and features a sprung steel undercarriage.
It was sold to F S Martin of Patumahoe on 06-12-1978 and then to David R King of Matamata on 02-03-1989.
The pic below shows ZK-DMM at the AACA flyin at Tauranga in 1992 - thanks to the Keith Morris collection.

Mike Fleming of the Lillybank Syndicate purchased it from 07-10-1998.
The four pics below taken at Rangiora on 17-10-2015.

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