Monday 26 October 2015

Cessna U206G ZK-ETN

ZK-ETN is Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II c/n U206-05866.
It was allocated N6401X to the Cessna Aircraft. But this was not taken up.
Instead it became ZK-ETN to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore on 20-10-1980.
                                Next in line was B L Hore and Sons Ltd at Nokomai Station, Parawa from 23-02-1982, then to B L Hore of Parawa on 18-07-1984.
                                During 1986 it was on lease to Waterwings Airways of Te Anau.                   
It is seen below at Christchurch on 02-03-1988.
It moved up north to Rangitikei Air Services Ltd of Taihape from 06-03-1992 and carried the name “Lance Harding”.
The two pics below show it at the Fox Glacier strip on 13-04-1994 in Rangitikei titles.

On 04-05-1998 it was re-listed to J K and L M Holdings Ltd.
                                Sam and Peter Innes of Black Forest Station listed it under their Ahuriri Aviation Ltd of Arrowtown name from 30-11-06 and then it went on lease to the Wakatipu Aero Club (Inc) at Queenstown on 15-07-2007.
Below we see it at Queenstown with Air Wakatipu markings.
It was back with Ahuriri Aviation Ltd of Arrowtown on 18-02-2008 only to return to the Wakatipu Aero Club (Inc), on lease from 11-06-2008.
Now two views of ETN at Queenstown on 09-10-2008.

 And  now we look down on it from the "Club" veranda dated 18-11-2010.
An ownership change on 15-09-2011 had it listed to Keith and Kathleen Hubber of Invercargill Holdings Ltd, Queenstown Ltd, and then we see it marked up as "Alpine Air" operated by Peter Daniel as Southern Lakes Aviation. 
Photo below shows it on its usual pad outside the Wakatipu Aero Club on 22-12-2011 thanks to Henry McIntyre. Marked as "Alpine Air ".

Two views on 21-02-2013 back in "Air Wakatipu" marks and operated by Southern Lakes Aviation Ltd.

Below under Wilderness Wings ownership of Hokitika since 05-08-2015.
It has just recently been repainted and is seen here at AVTEK in Timaru on 27-08-2015.
The photo below was was taken on 25-10-2015 by Ben Patterson of Wilderness Wings at Manuka Point Station in the Upper Rakaia River at the homestead strip. 
ZK-ETN now sports larger wheels and the Company logo on the tail.
Ben says - An awesome day with some of the most changeable weather I have seen up the Rakaia, hence the array of clouds in the background. The wind was 30kts Northwest changing to Southeast, to North and then 20kts Easterly. Certainly spring has arrived up here.


  1. Whatever happened to ETN? She's no longer on the CAA site.

  2. ZK-ETN was damaged on 04-01-2018 at Hokitika.
    Cancelled as Destroyed 26-06-2018.