Tuesday 20 October 2015

Motueka Rotary due 20-10-2015

Two helicopters from Motueka today - as seen by Alex Gillatt.
 The Schweizer 260C (300C) ZK-HMX3 (c/n S1613) was listed to Lost Coast Properties Ltd of Whataroa on 29-09-2012 having previously been with Bruce Dando of Kokatahi Helicopters 2000 Ltd at Kokatahi. 
It started its NZ life after being imported from Australia and being registered here as ZK-HKC2 on 27-07-1994. 
By 2001 it was working for Ardmore Helicopters Ltd/Ardmore Flying School but had a change of registration letters to HMX on 09-10-2002. It transferred down to Kokatahi (near Hokitika) from 09-06-2008.
Bell 206B JetRanger III ZK-IOI is c/n 3060 and is registered to Horizon Helicopters Ltd of Rangiora; operating on the Coast to Coast Helicopters licence and trading as Seacoast Helicopters.
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