Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Zenith/Zenair CH 701s of New Zealand (2) - 2001 to 2005 Aircraft

ZK-EWM2 (c/n 3955) was built by Owen Mounsey of Huntly and was first registered on 29/11/01.  It is photo'd at a flyin at Te Kowhai in December 2003.

ZK-JRT (c/n 7-3838) was built by Julian Thornton of Hamilton and was first registered on 27/11/02.  Julian has built several other aircraft including the Teeny Two ZK-DUO2  and the Just Aircraft Escapade  ZK-SKP  It is photo'd above at the same Te Kowhai flyin in December 2003.  It originally had a BMW engine but this was changed to a Rotax 912 in 2003.  Ownership transferred to Pro Flight of Tauranga on 2/4/06, to CM Wilson of Katikati on 1/5/07 and then to MC Ralfe of Hokitika on 12/6/10.

Glen Heslip of Fairlie purchased the aircraft on 30/9/12 and sent in the above photo of ZK-JRT in its natural environment in the back country.

ZK-ZAR (c/n 7-9480) was built by Ralph Sanson of Warkworth and was first registered on 28/4/04 but was not completed until 2009.  It is powered by a Jabiru 2200 engine and is badged as a "Sky Jeep"on its ts wingtips, which is what CH 701s are commonly called and which I think describes them quite well.  It is photo'd above at Dargaville on 29/3/14.

ZK-OUZ (c/n 7-3537) was built by Gavin Waite of Levin and was first registered on 13/12/05.  I photo'd it in Gavin's garage just outside Levin on 19/11/11 when it had a Rotax 582 engine.

And Gavin has sent in this photo of ZK-OUZ now with a Rotax 912 engine, taken at Foxpine recently.  Thanks for the photo Gavin.

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