Sunday 30 October 2011

Tiger country

Rangiora today (30-10-2011) Four Fisher R80 Tiger Moths in a "finger four" formation over the field.
Above and below is ZK-JAL2 (c/n 22) the James Loughnan example. First registered on 26-02-2009. The wings of this one were constructed while James was working in Australia.
Above and below we have ZK-LAS (c/n 18) the Ivan Campbell machine. This was registered on 29-11-2005.
The Peter Parkinson built ZK-LIF (c/n TM43) was first registered on 01-02-2007. This I believe is Rotax 912 S powered.
ZK-NOX (c/n 17) is the Russell Warnock aircraft. Listed on 31-03-2006.
ZK-JAL, ZK-LAS and ZK-NOX are powered by Suzuki G13B twin cam engines and drive through a Raven redrive unit. They also have Simplex digital engine management systems
Almost an "I remember when" view of all four on the ground. Spoiled by a Cherokee wing tip.
The number on their respective engine cowlings is the same as their c/n's, and the pseudo military serial numbers on the fuselage side are : NZ - for obvious reasons : R80 is the model number - 80% scale of the DH82, and the c/n is then repeated again.
There is a fifth example, ZK-CCC2, with Jon Farmer away up north, but it is currently being rebuilt with a larger engine following an accident.

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