Sunday 23 October 2011

Incident for Trislander ZK-LGF

Great Barrier Airlines red Trislander ZK-LGF was involved in a news making incident at the Pauanui Airstrip on the Coromandel Peninsula on the evening of 22 October.  The attached news article makes it out to be a scene of chaos and carnage but the photo in the article hardly depicts such a scene.

From its location one can assume it has aborted a takeoff on heading westbound and veered left off the main grass strip.
Departing North Shore, January 2011, MRC photo


  1. yes thanks to the media once again,a bit over the top,scare old joe public once more

  2. I would like the NZ Herald article writer to explain to me how to reverse an O-540 engine (and i'm sure those at Lycoming would also like it explained)

  3. ''''' stood transfixed yesterday as the plane’s engines roared in reverse to slow its progress '''''

    Yep, everyone on the airfield was wondering the same.

    They stood transfixed, an aborted take-off is a near silent event..... and yet here we have engines roaring in reverse.

    It got everyone's attention.

    We are all amazed, and so (just so) impressed with the reporting..
    David Fisher wrote the article.