Wednesday 12 October 2011

Big Lifter N1073W

With all the excitement off shore at Tauranga there has been some interesting helicopter activity in the area.
This includes the Seasprites NZ3602 and NZ3603, the UH1 NZ3816 plus the local Oceania Helicopters Tauranga Ltd's Aerospatiale AS350 BA ZK-HLW.
One stranger over from Australia is the Bell 214B-1 "Big Lifter" N1073W (c/n 28012) of McDermott Aviation. This is the Lycoming T5508D powered variety capable of lifting 3 tonnes on the sling although it is limited to 2.7t between ship and shore. Note the wide chord rotor blades.
These two pics kindly supplied by Scott Cowley.


  1. Now they are what you call blades, just a shade under 2 feet 11 inches across!! would love to hear it coming flat out...

  2. 214b what a beast , does anyone know who is driving it?