Sunday, 14 August 2022

Masterton Today 14-8-2022

On a fabulous blue sky winters day Jordan Elvy popped over to Masterton today and found lots of aviation activity.  Here is a selection of some of the sport aircraft that were out aviating:

There hasn't been an up close photo of this Tiger Moth posted on the blog previously (its last photo was of it hanging under a helicopter after a forced landing off airfield in 2013).  ZK-BLK (c/n 82812) has been with the Wairarapa Flying Tigers since 18/2/20.

The Jury Family Farms' Just Aircraft SuperSTOL ZK-TUX was outside, and it does not now wear the German cross that it once did (actually I think it has been like this since it arrived in the Wairarapa).

The locally owned reconfigured tri-gear GlaStar ZK-CIM2 was out and about.  You can see it in its taildragger configuration HERE

And it must have been great to see the spectacular Pitts Model 12 ZK-PTS2 out flying.  Although still registered to John Eaton of North Shore, it has been recently out flying with other aerobatic pilots at Omaka and Rangitata Island.  I suspect that Bevan Dewes might have been involved with it being at Masterton.

Thanks very much for the photos Jordan.


  1. I’m fairly sure BLK has been Masterton based for decades. The earliest digital photo I have of it is 2007, but I’m sure I have prints going back far earlier.

  2. BLK was moved from Blenheim to Masterton in mid-1986.