Friday 19 August 2022

Mt Cook

Mt Cook Airport was busy today with a combination of tourist flights and helicopters operating Tasman Glacier heli skiing trips.

The only PC6 Turbo Porter currently based here with Inflite Skiplanes is ZK-MCK which has returned to skis after sometime at Fox Glacier and Pukaki as a skydiving aircraft.

Inflite are currently basing 3 AS350B at Mt Cook being ZK-IEQ, ZK-IEY and ZK-HJZ4.  The last of these was imported from the US in 2016 and has now lost its "Inflite" titling.

Supporting the heli skiing operation The Helicopter Line brought in its 2 Glentanner based AS350B2 ZK-HSM3 and ZK-ICD.   The latter was imported from Switzerland in 2012.


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  1. MCK was actually based at Franz for nearly a decade, not Fox. Easy mistake to make.